At Voyager Learning, we believe Teachers matter. Students matter. Results matter. With these always in mind, we partner with you to advance student achievement and accelerate struggling students to grade-level proficiency.

Our authors state the challenges well. “Language is a natural evolution of the brain. Reading is manmade and needs to be taught,” says Dr. Maryanne Wolf, author and neuroscientist. “Learning to read is rocket science,” says Louisa C. Moats, EdD. However, the research is profound that more than 90% of children can learn to read and reach achievement in other content areas.

While our research-based curriculum is important, we believe execution is even more important. We make our curriculum and programs easy for teachers to apply in the classroom because ease of use is essential for student success. We provide impactful professional development and professional development tied to each program to help teachers execute our programs with fidelity and to help students achieve sustainable growth. Our ongoing support is always here so teachers can apply what they have learned.

We believe motivating, engaging technology can complement teacher instruction because all students, especially at-risk students, need more time on-task.

We are transparent about student results, whether good or bad. Our solutions measure student progress or lack of progress in a non-intrusive way. We help you turn this data into valuable information that translates into better classroom management and comprehensive, informed instruction to achieve student results. We go above and beyond simple test preparation. We strive to help your students acquire the sustainable skills they need for continued success.

We never forget to place the interests of customers first—our success depends on it. We respond when our customers need us. Through our combined hard work and efforts, we can reach your unique conditions for success.

As your solutions provider, we will:

  • Work with you to assess your student and school’s needs
  • Provide high-quality curriculum products and guide your implementation with fidelity
  • Build teacher capacity and professional development
  • Deliver an effective online data management system to monitor student progress
  • Partner with you to meet the demands of your unique conditions
  • Help you realize and advance student achievement and accelerate students to grade-level proficiency