Passport Reading Journeys

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Passport Reading Journeys (PRJ) combines high-interest, action-packed reading expeditions with evidence-based instruction to capture interest and accelerate learning. Each expedition begins and ends with DVD segments featuring award-winning videos that build background knowledge and recap the expedition. PRJ focuses on:

  • Advanced Word Study—explicit, systematic instruction addresses affixes, sight words, multisyllabic words, spelling, and fluency
  • Comprehension and Vocabulary—Skills and strategies are taught in-depth as students access high-interest text and collaborate in small groups and paired teams
  • Personalized Learning—Individualized practice and skill building is offered through SOLO® (Strategic Online Learning Opportunities) and VocabJourney® 
  • Real-Word Topics—Expeditions with exciting video feature relevant, age-appropriate content of importance to adolescents and the post-secondary paths they will choose
  • Lifelong Reading—Bookshelf provides a diverse collection of Lexile®-leveled, award-winning novels and magazines

Passport Reading Journeys
in Edplicity, the All-New Web-Based Teaching and Learning Platform

Passport Reading Journeys has always been easy to implement, now educators have the option to access the materials in an innovative cloud-based platform, Edplicity. Edplicity enables educators to:

  • Access all PRJ materials online
  • Search and tag PRJ content for specific CCSS standards
  • Upload multimedia instructional supports from the web—videos, podcasts, images…
  • Collaborate with other teachers to share instructional ideas
  • Collaborate with students to differentiate instructions and provide immediate online support

More About Edplicity

Edplicity is a web-based cloud solution that helps teachers and students organize and seamlessly share content inside and outside the classroom. It is designed to improve instruction and increase student achievement with a technology platform that organizes instructional materials, tags them to standards, and encourages engagement and interaction through the social learning features, which leads to greater teacher and student success. Learn more about the all-new Edplicity.

Meet the Advisors—Read the Research—Make your Choice!

Program advisor, Dr. Donald D. Deshler, Professor in the School of Education and Director of the Center for Research on Learning at the University of Kansas, said, "Getting adolescents interested in reading is similar to launching a rocket—it takes a great deal of energy, but once you've done it, you can turn them around quickly."

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Passport Reading Journeys is endorsed by CASE and supports the Common Core State Standards