Voyager Passport

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Voyager Passport intervenes early to accelerate learning for students who need supplemental instruction to master priority reading skills and strategies. This blended solution includes:

  • Targeted instruction in word study, fluency, comprehension, vocabulary, writing, listening, and speaking
  • Differentiation for diverse student populations, including English language learners
  • Integrated progress monitoring, reteaching procedures, correction support, and online data management
  • Online reading practice through Ticket to Read interactive, rewards-based learning


Passport in Edplicity, the All-New Web-Based
Teaching and Learning Platform

Passport has always been easy to implement, now educators have the option to access the materials in an innovative cloud-based platform, Edplicity. Edplicity enables educators to:

  • Access all Passport materials online
  • Search and tag Passport content for specific CCSS standards
  • Upload multimedia instructional supports from the web—videos, podcasts, images…
  • Collaborate with other teachers to share instructional ideas
  • Collaborate with students to differentiate instructions and provide immediate online support

More About Edplicity

Edplicity is a web-based cloud solution that helps teachers and students organize and seamlessly share content inside and outside the classroom. It is designed to improve instruction and increase student achievement with a technology platform that organizes instructional materials, tags them to standards, and encourages engagement and interaction through the social learning features, which leads to greater teacher and student success. Learn more about the all-new Edplicity.

Meet the Experts—Read the Research—Make Your Choice!

Children who struggle to read and write may exhibit mild, moderate or severe difficulties. Through validated research and input from leading literacy experts, Voyager Passport can help more of your students on this continuum reach grade-level performance. Learn More about this quality literacy intervention program based on research-validated instructional practices. Voyager Learning wishes to thank these leading literacy researchers and experts who helped to develop the program:

  • María Elena Argüelles, Ph.D.
  • Anne Cunningham, Ph.D.
  • Marcia Henry, Ph.D.
  • Janette Klingner, Ph.D.
  • Julia Peyton, Ph.D.

Sample Materials

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Voyager Passport is endorsed by CASE and supports the Common Core State Standards